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( May. 17th, 2006 11:07 pm)
Have finally sorted out the problem with the order in which stories display on WB and Forensics, i.e. you would click on a category and it would show you the stories in whatever order it felt like it rather than the most recently updated at the top. Apparently, I did need to change the date format from day month year to year month day in the settings panel (which I had tried several times, with several different options before deciding it must be a coding issue). But here's the thing. Where it says 'Date (Stories)' and gives you the option to change it, what it actually means is 'Date (News)' and it changes the date format for the news items.

If I want to change the way that the date of stories is displayed, I obviously have to change the format marked as 'Date (News)'.

I am obviously far too stupid to be let loose in eFiction if I couldn't figure out a really simple thing like that!

In other news, my tennis elbow has flared up again. Not only does this mean that I am in screaming agony and on no less than two types of painkiller, but it means that the first person to complain about the way that the dates now display (omg! I liked it before! Why did you change it???!!!??? Emo!!) will not only get shot (think omg!pain is a legitimate defence?) but probably drowned in my own emo tears.

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