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( Sep. 20th, 2009 08:21 pm)
People keep asking me to post this and I, flake that I am with the attention span and recall abilities of your average goldfish, keep forgetting (as an aside, my neon tetras, which are wee and adorable, apparently have connected the time of day that I feed them and me walking up to the tank with the appearance of food. Consequently, they rise to the surface in anticipation, followed by my penguin tetras, which suggests that they, at least, have a greater mental capacity than I do most days).

So here it is. This is potato salad, a la [profile] terimaru, who taught me how to make her version of Tennessee/German potato salad on one of my trips over there. In return, I think I made mushroom pate ::g::

Apologies to [profile] terimaru if I've forgotten anything she taught me, but this is the way I make it at least.

Potato salad )

There. Recipe posted after more than a year of subtle prodding. ::g::
Nibble and I have been making these, and they are yummy even if they are also very sweet. So I figured I'd share the recipe, especially as this means I won't need to take my cookbooks to Cornwall in case it rains and we need to keep small people and Suzy occupied.

Chunkey Monkey Cookies )
This recipe is one of my favourites from Rose Elliot's Christmas Recipe book, which seems to have been reprinted and can be found here.

Recipe )

Yes, it is 4am again, but at least I've had some sleep - I collapsed at about 7.30pm.
This recipe comes from Rose Elliot's Vegetarian Christmas, which is a wonderfully festive book filled with more recipes than just the traditional nut roast for veggies (seeing as how I don't like nuts). My copy was published in 1993 and seems to be out of print, and although I can find other vegetarian Christmas books by the same author, the picture on the front and blurb is a wee bit different, so I'm not sure if it's the same republished book or a different, later version. She's worth checking out if you're veggie or interested in veggie recipes, though. She can tend to the brown rice and lentil end of the spectrum, but she has some lovely, easy ideas; is accessible and easy to understand; and has lots of vegan recipes too.

I also love the mushroom pate from this same book, which is also very easy and tasty to make and is utterly scrummy, as [ profile] terimaru will vouch as she demands I make it for her every time I visit ::g::

This recipe is ideal for Christmas Day for the non-nut loving veggies among us. It's not only tasty, but it's creative, decorative, festive and very, very easy to make. Nibble loves helping me decorate it, for example, even if he has not yet discovered the marvel that is mushrooms. And the best thing for the stressed is that you can make everything the day before (both the pastry and filling need to be chilled before you cook anyway) and then come Christmas Day you just roll out the pastry, cut out the Christmas Tree shape, and make it and bake it.

I've had it almost every Christmas since I bought the book, including the year that my tennis elbow was so bad that I had to trek to my Mum's for Christmas dinner with it all ready in containers so that she could roll it out for me because I couldn't.

Now that's dedication ;)

Flaky Pastry Mushroom Christmas Tree Recipe )
Someone on [ profile] vegetariancooks asked for Mexican type food recipes so I typed up my favourite. Not being Mexican, or even being in the US and thereby having access to good Mexican food, I have no idea how authentic it is, but I like it.

Rose Elliot's Vegetarian Chilli )

I promised Leah this next recipe ages ago and I don't think I ever sent it to her.

Courgette and mushroom fettucine )

Anyone interested in a recipe for scrummy mushroom pate?

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