Things that suck:

- my tennis elbow is now officially in 'flared up' mode rather than 'temp blip' mode so plz excuse typos. Am typing one handed and not for fun reasons, narf!

- cortisone injections. When I volunteer for needles, you know the suck is bad

- the first acupuncture session. I know it will work in the long term but in the short term... ow

- the upset stomach that comes with painkillers of extraordinary strength

- not being able to write when I wanna ::pout::

Things that don't suck:

- painkillers of extraordinary strength, even if they only take the edge off

- being told by the doc I'd done everything I could and it was just going to happen. Still kind of sucky but not moronic sucky.

- the love meme, which made the suck much less. I don't know the etiquette in these things, having never done one before, so I don't know if I'm supposed to reply to the lovely comments left for me but you guys! ♥ It made me feel so much better!

- Andrew in eyeliner. mroawr

- going to see fish today, even though will not choose because Nibble will not be with me. Fish!

- going to Claire's today for food and fun. Claire!

Things that are meh:

- want fic about Connor in eyeliner and no one has written any

- want fic about Connor in eyeliner and no one has written any!

People are slacking, damn it! If I can't write it at the moment, someone else totally should!

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