The fandoms (and characters) of my heart I've requested (in alphabetical order :D)
Blade (Movie Series) - Abigail Whistler, Hannibal King
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters - Hansel, Gretel
Terminator Genisys - Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, Pops
Thoughtcrimes - Freya McAllister, Brendan Dean

First of all, thank you for writing for me!

The fandoms and characters I've requested are ones that are close to my heart. I'm a small fandom girl so I tend to write in some of these fandoms all year around. In many cases, Yuletide is my only chance to read fic that I haven't written myself, so please don't be disheartened by the fact that I often request these fandoms. It's not that I haven't loved what I've received in the past - it's just that I'm just greedy and I always want more. I'm sure I'll love whatever you write :)

I know some people like to have bullet points and lists and prompts, but all prompts are, of course, optional. I just want you to have as much fun writing your story as I'm going to have reading it.


Female characters. OMG female characters. Strong, capable, competent, caring, flawed. I have a massive competency kink which is pretty much doubled when it involves women, and I adore the trope of capable women and the still capable but slightly broken men who pretty much worship the ground they walk on. That might ::cough:: be slightly obvious from the fandoms I'm in.

I'm all about the relationships, whether those are romantic or not. I'm about loyalty and trust, characters who have each other's backs until the end of the line. People who love each other, but who aren't afraid to call each other on their shit. Found families, the ones that are small and broken but still good. Those are just my jam. And, oh, male characters who actually trust the woman in their lives to know their own minds and their own limitations.

Stoic characters who hide so much beneath the surface (especially if they're female). Smart characters who might occasionally do stupid things for the right reasons. Broken characters who just keep on going out of sheer stubbornness because they just can't quit. Partners who rely on each other, and friends who will always be there. I don't mind if it's casefic or shipfic, plot or porn or a combination of all of them, but I'm largely in fandom for the characters and what they mean to each other so I would love anything that explores that in any of the fandoms I've requested.

I especially love relationships that are all about the unspoken bonds, where a quiet touch or a simple exchange means so much, so even shipfic doesn't need to be all romantic declarations of love (not that I object to those :D).

I like happy endings, but I don't mind if they're bitter sweet. I enjoy hurt-comfort and injury is fine as long as it's not permanent and doesn't result in death. And if you want to go the porn route (and you're under no obligation to do so, but, you know, porn :D), I like stories that focus on female pleasure and I have a particular fondness for threesomes, cunning linguists :D and pegging, plus fem!dom (with male subs) as long as it doesn't involve humiliation or significant pain.


I don't have many hard do not wants, but the things below are pretty much guaranteed to stop me from being able to read your story:
  • I have a massive second hand embarrassment squick, so please, no humiliating characters or having them embarrass themselves.

  • non-con, whether that's actual, implied or somehow averted, unless it's happened in canon (and even then, I'd prefer it wasn't the focus of the story)

  • death fic, although I'm okay with a story dealing with the aftermath if it happened in canon.
For most fandoms, I'd prefer fic set in the canon universe rather than outright AUs, although I don't mind 'what ifs' if you want to explore what would happen if canon went in a slightly different direction. And please no fic with men dominating women in the bedroom, although I would be happy if it was the other way around :D

Phew. Hopefully that's not too offputting! Now to the fandoms:

Blade (Movies Series) )

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters )

Terminator Genisys )

Thoughtcrimes )

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