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alyse: terminator genisys -full body shot of Sarah and Kyle walking away from the camera (tg - sarah kyle beach longshot)

Alyse: last of her breed

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Alyse(n.): reader, writer, fic bitch, cynic, optimist, archivist, mother, daughter, consistent, contrary, wilful, weird.


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Once upon a time there was a girl who discovered the internet. And it was good. And then she discovered fanfiction. And it was better. And then she discovered slash... and her life took a rather unexpected turn.

At first it ticked over, quietly keeping the same, gentle pace, but then she discovered the New Professionals. And jumped up and down, yelling, "They are so doing it!"

And over 70 stories, an archive and three lists later, she's still jumping, even if her attention is now wandering away to other beautiful boys.


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abby/connor, abigail whistler/hannibal king, alan grant, alan grant/billy brennan, alan/billy, alec, alessandro nivola, alice (2009), alice/hatter, andrew-lee potts, andromeda, angst fic, animaniacs, anthony starke, artemis fowl, aziraphale, baileys, barak berkowitz looks tired, billy brennan, blade, blade: trinity, boymeetsboy, brodie farrell, buffy, catherine willows, catherine willows/nick stokes, catherine/nick, cats, child rearing, chris keel, ci5: the new professionals, cinema, colin wells, computers, connor temple, cooking, creative writing, crowley, csi: crime scene investigation, daniel hood, daniel jackson, daniel/jack, dark angel, david eddings, david hewlett, dean, diet coke, dirty het slasher, doctor who, doctor/rose/jack, drabbles, dvds, dylan/harper, egyptology, eva cassidy, evolutionary theory, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfics, fanfiction, feminism, film noir, gadgets, gay rights, geek!lust central, george eads, gil grissom, good characterisation, good omens, gordon michael woolvett, greg sanders, haiku, hank/hector, harry dresden, harry potter, hewlettchery, hurt comfort fic, jack deacon, jack o'neill, jack/daniel, jack/mayborne, jack/thor, jensen ackles, jo bannister, jurassic park 3, kahlan/richard, lake placid, layers of meaning, legend of the seeker, lost girl, macgyver, marine biology, max, max/alec, mckay/sheppard/weir, meta, michael biehn, michael shanks, minions, movies, nanowrimo, nick stokes, nick stokes/gil grissom, nicky's day of judgement, ot3, paleontology, pinky and the brain, pirates of the caribbean, primeval, rage filled texan, reading, repo! the genetic opera, rodney mckay, sam carter, sam curtis, sam/mckay, sarah mclachlan, seamus harper, semisonic, sg-1, sga, sheppard/mckay, sith academy, slash, sluggy freelance, snark, space: above and beyond, spongebob squarepants, stargate sg-1, stargate: atlantis, stephanie plum, stephen jay gould, supernatural, teal'c, terry pratchett, the watch, theirluvissoflamey, thorntons continental, tina backus, travelling, vegetarianism, weir/zelenka, world domination, writing
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