It's been a while since I talked about knitting, as I've switched to beading in the summer, but I've not lost interest in knitting now that the nights are cold and dark and I might possibly have signed up to Ravelry, the knitters and crocheters community [ profile] averysmallthing mentioned.

Correction - I signed up a while ago, and finally got my invitation (there's a waiting list). And just in time since [ profile] the4ts reminded me that I'd promised to make something for the MSF auction she's running again this year. Which I'd completely forgotten - cue lots of omg! panicking.

So I'm now half way through a scarf - not bad since I only started last night - and have plans to make a bag to match it, which has nothing to do with Ravelry. However, Ravellry has both an LJ and fandom knitters group, and some cool patterns for the sharing. And I've been scaring [ profile] temaris with my flailing over patterns, some of which I've found on google and some, like this very cool Dalek knitting pattern on Ravelry (not sure if the link will work if you're not a member, but just in case, here's the link that Ravelry links to).

And there might possibly be other things in the future that I'm not going to commit to in public ::g:: But I think [ profile] temaris might have squeed a little and said, "Do eeeeeeeeeeeet!"
I made a bag. ([ profile] terimaru demanded picspam. Hence, picspam.)


It's not quite finished, because I think that now it's done I want to get something to fasten it and I'm thinking about doing some bead embellishments. Not that I've been, you know, stalking ebay for beads or anything ::cough:: Because that wouldn't be like me at all!

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