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( Aug. 18th, 2013 06:15 pm)
I may possibly have pink hair now. Sort of this colour actually.

Never let it be said I don't know how to grow old gracefully :D
I went for the plum. It's daaaaaaaark.

ETA: Nibble's view is that it's actually purple and 'as close to black as you can get'. Eep!
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( Dec. 11th, 2010 05:05 pm)
Still v. sore. Still making typos and resorting to txt speak for e-mails. Oh, the never-ending shame.

Frustrated that I can't write. So many ideas going around in my head. So little physical capability for writing them. Bought a new microphone yesterday - going to give speech recognition another try to see if it frustrates me as much as it did last time. Better than nothing, right?

Also going to try and do small snippets/short fics as likely to be less frustrating and make me feel better about things. My [ profile] fandom_stocking post is here. Where are all yours? Can't promise anything but if feel up to it you might get a drabble or two for fandoms we have in common.
Things that suck:

- my tennis elbow is now officially in 'flared up' mode rather than 'temp blip' mode so plz excuse typos. Am typing one handed and not for fun reasons, narf!

- cortisone injections. When I volunteer for needles, you know the suck is bad

- the first acupuncture session. I know it will work in the long term but in the short term... ow

- the upset stomach that comes with painkillers of extraordinary strength

- not being able to write when I wanna ::pout::

Things that don't suck:

- painkillers of extraordinary strength, even if they only take the edge off

- being told by the doc I'd done everything I could and it was just going to happen. Still kind of sucky but not moronic sucky.

- the love meme, which made the suck much less. I don't know the etiquette in these things, having never done one before, so I don't know if I'm supposed to reply to the lovely comments left for me but you guys! ♥ It made me feel so much better!

- Andrew in eyeliner. mroawr

- going to see fish today, even though will not choose because Nibble will not be with me. Fish!

- going to Claire's today for food and fun. Claire!

Things that are meh:

- want fic about Connor in eyeliner and no one has written any

- want fic about Connor in eyeliner and no one has written any!

People are slacking, damn it! If I can't write it at the moment, someone else totally should!

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