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( Jun. 15th, 2008 12:00 am)
The Nibble and I spent the evening at [ profile] davechicken and [ profile] alinak's, who kindly let me use their washing machine so that I didn't a) have the send the Nibble to school in dirty school uniform next week or b) have the spend a couple of hours in the launderette with a bored Nibble. So we watched Dr Who and [ profile] davechicken and the Nibble played on their Wii with the Nibble's birthday games, much to the amusement of [ profile] alinak and myself. Especially with the hiding in bushes and shooting bushes with bazookas and other such Freudian slips.

I took the new, very shiny laptop in an attempt to write more ficathon, but only managed 800 words. Still, I am part way through scene three at least, with several more to go. I'm trying not to think of the 'several more'. I was going to write more once we'd got home and I'd put Nibble to bed (very late) but apparently the cats missed me and instead of having a lap full of laptop I ended up with a lap full of cat. Two of them, in fact - Widget and Jura. Jura seldom purrs, not because he isn't a very content little kitty but because some cats just aren't the purring kind. Fluffy, for example, is quite possibly the most affectionate and cheerful little kitty that I've ever met, but I don't think I've ever heard her purr. She goes all limp with pleasure, with narrowed, sleepy eyes, especially when she ambushes me on the loo and ends up being cradled upside down like she's a big baby (the way she used to nap as a kitten, by the way), but no purring.

However, Widget, as I may have mentioned previously, purrs like a traction engine and apparently Jura decided tonight that as she was lying next to him, he'd do the same.

He's only just jumped off, which is how I can write this, but I suspect more fic today will be a loss. Ah well. At least we have clean clothes :)

Time for sleep, methinks.

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