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( Sep. 1st, 2013 03:47 pm)
Please feel free at this point to fuck yourself up the arse.

I did the masterlist post. I checked that it had crossposted. I edited the masterlist. I made sure that the masterlist edit had flowed to LJ and, lo, it had!

Yay, I thought. They've finally fixed the issues they were having. I knew they must have been working on it because some of the other issues - like comments not showing up on default view and the 'expand' option actually opening up the thread instead - were fixed this morning.

I posted part 1.

I posted part 2.

I edited part 1 to link to part 2. Oh fuck, I thought when I spotted that the 'crosspost to LJ box' was unchecked. That doesn't look good.

LJ fucking well posted a second part 1.

I delete all of the parts I'd posted, swearing continuously, only to discover that the part 2 post was still crossposting fine. So apparently LJ are deciding to fuck up only every other post now, not on every single one. I suppose that's progress of a sort, not that anyone has bothered to acknowledge the fact that I reported the issue.

I give up. I really fucking do. I'm going to post the link to AO3 as a fic post and try again in a fucking week. Not that anyone on LJ gives a flying fuck about my fic anyway. [/rant]
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( May. 17th, 2011 09:45 pm)
I see that once again - as it has been for weeks and weeks now - the site is fucking unuseable in the evenings, once the Americans get online.

Somehow I suspect thist isn't to do with any DDoS attacks, especially as it's at least useable before peak times, but rather is down to the fact that the site is creaking and needs a serious hardware upgrade.

It's seriously, seriously starting to piss me off. Once 8.30 hits, it's fucking ridiculous. It takes several minutes to load pages, and Scrapbook is virtually inaccessible. Less time on your fucking LJ gifts and bollocking goat and meme crap fanfic, and more time on fixing things would be appreciated.

No love

An Irate Customer.

P.S. Update your fucking status page. It's not been updated for a week, and no the errors did not 'go away soon'. Somehow I think even you aren't so incompetent you'd still be doing 'site maintenance', unless 'site maintenance' consists of sticking an elastoplast over the worst bit and hoping no one spots the bleeding exit wound at the back. Sheesh.
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( Sep. 1st, 2010 06:37 pm)
I have Dreamwidth invites, if anyone wants one. I'm staying on LJ but will continue to cross post. To be honest, although I wasn't sold on DW at first, I am coming to love it more and more and the functionality, including the improvements they are making (which are actually improvements not 'really badly thought out ideas'), makes LJ look tired and creaky.

And let me also join my voice to the chorus about LJ's latest wonderful 'feature', which allows people to crosspost all of their entries and comments, including comments they've left on other people's flocked posts, to Facebook and Twitter. (Because it's a feature, not a bug, apparently, although the removal of / from tags apparently is a bug... ::sigh::).

I realise that posting stuff behind friendslocked is no guarantee that it will remain private. However, that does not mean that I do not have, or am unreasonable in having, an expectation of other users displaying basic courtesy by keeping their yaps shut about stuff I haven't shared more widely than with those I allow to access locked posts.

Consequently, I don't expect anyone who currently has access to my flocked posts to:

i) share links to those posts more widely;
ii) share information about what is in those posts or information about what is in comments on those posts, whether made by me or anyone else, more widely than on the post itself; or
iii) repost comments they themselves have made on those posts if those comments include any information about the content of those posts or the contents of other people's comments (which is kind of difficult not to do if you're having anything close to a two way conversation);

without permission first.

Like I said, I consider this basic courtesy. I think most other people would be of the same mind, as this is a fairly well understood facet of the livejournal culture, but the for the avoidance of all doubt, breaking flock will get you kicked off my flist, whether it's because you've shared (without permission) stuff I've posted behind flock or whether you share something that someone else has posted in the safe space of my flocked entries.

In the nine and a half years that I have had an LJ account, I have only encountered three people who either broke friendslock or acted in such a way that I thought there was a real risk that they would do so, and in all three cases the individuals involved were removed from my friendslist forthwith. This was simply about removing their access to that information, not because I view it as a punishment, and these are the only times I have ever removed someone from my flist before they removed me first.

It is not about punishing individuals; it is simply a matter of trust. Consider it to be something akin to virginity - once you've fucked it up, it has been forever fucked.

End PSA.
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( Jun. 18th, 2010 12:06 am)
I've opened a support question about this, but I doubt I'll get any joy somehow.

Over the last couple of days, and despite not changing anything in my LJ setup, I've been logged out of LJ every time I close a browser session. It's annoying because I'm so used to being permanently logged in (as I have been for years except if there are temporary glitches) and as my entry page to the site is my friends page, not one of the LJ pages, I don't realise I'm actually logged out until it either occurs to me that my flist are being very quiet or I come across a cut tag that, instead of having the actual cut text has that stuff about how content may be unsuitable for minors, which I don't see when I'm logged in.

From what I've read on one of the comms linked from the [site community profile] dw_news profile page (lj-releases?), there seems to have been a code push two days ago. Just before this issue started. Coincidence? I think not, baby puppy.

So, anyone else having a similar issue or am I just lucky? And any idea whether or not I should report it somewhere other than support? It's not mentioned in any of the comments of the lj-release post, nor can I see anything in comments to the news post (although I didn't wade through all of the comments, because there's a limit to the amount of stupidity I can bear in any twenty four hour period). As I said, I'm not hopeful that support will do anything but suggest that I make sure the 'remember me' checkbox ticked (because it's not like I've been on this site for almost a decade or anything and that wasn't the first thing I checked).

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