Do you say 'wank'. As in, I have King saying: 'XXX is a wank-stained festering shithead with deep seated mommy issues.'

I've checked with Aithine, and it's not a phrase that an American would use, but since I'm convinced King is Canadian (he is in the comics, and Ryan does let his accent slip at one point), I'm happy to go with it if it's a word that would be familiar to Canadians, and that they'd use.

If not, I'll have to come up with a new insult for him to use :D

Thank you!

(I'm writing Blade: Trinity, in case you hadn't guessed :D)
alyse: (dude!)
( Sep. 24th, 2010 01:34 pm)
That strangely mysterious fandom that [personal profile] moonlettuce and I keep threatening to write in? I was like totally bummed that I'd used the logical [ profile] kissbingo square already? And then I just like totally thought, omg! I could do a postage stamp and use the four squares in that corner! And that will totally work except for one of the squares that I may have to think about but it's cracky crack so whatever, loser.

Also, I'm like totally bummed that I can't write Abby/Connor any more. I like started one a month ago? And it's like totally crap and I'm on the fifth version of it and it's still shit. So then I like started another one for another square? And I'm like on the second version of it and it like still totally blows. I mean, omg! My Abby/Connor mojo is like totally broken! Can you believe it? So I like totally hate myself and stuff.

Also, so is my slash mojo. Like totally broken, I mean. I'm such a loser, lol.

And I need to stop talking like a Valley Girl. Like, totally!

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